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  1. This can be explained here when u worship Narayana u worship Nara also, they can be seen separately.

    Vaisampayana continued, ‘Having addressed Krishna thus, the illustrious Pandava, who was the soul of Krishna, became dumb, when Janardana (in reply addressed that son of Pritha) saying, ‘Thou art mine and I am thine, while all that is mine is thine also! He that hateth thee hateth me as well, and he that followeth thee followeth me! O thou irrepressible one, thou art Nara and I am Narayana or Hari! We are the Rishis Nara and Narayana born in the world of men for a special purpose. O Partha, thou art from me and I am from thee! O bull of the Bharata race, no one can understand the difference that is between us!’

  2. Srimadbhagwadgeeta, A.C.Bhaktivedanta, Chapter IV – Divya Gyan,

    verse 2, page 146,

    “This ultimate knowledge (Geeta) can be grasped through Guru parampara and all versed rishis have taught this in the similar fashion. However, over a period of time this tradition got scattered and appeared to have lost its originality”

    Krishna is confirming Guru-shishya tradition which was there since beginning.
    Verse 3, page 147,

    “Today I am going to share this knowledge with you i.e. old Yoga (union), which is your (human) relation with God since you (Arjun) are my (Krishna’s) BHAKT and friend and you can thus easily understand this mystery”

    Krishna confirming that Arjun is his BHAKT
    Verse 4, page 147,

    “Arjun asks – suryadev Vivaswan had existed much before you (jyeshtha) so how do I understand that it was you who gave him this knowledge?”

    Arjun is comparing Krishna’s limited age of that period with very long duration when Geeta knowledge was imparted for the first time and getting puzzled.

    Verse 5, page 148,
    “Krishna explains – you and me have been born numerous times. I remember all of them but you CANNOT REMEMBER THEM”

    The comprehension by A.C.Bhaktivedanta – BHAKTS like Arjun are Krishna’s (God’s) eternal friend. Whenever God appears in human forms for various objectives such counseling friends also accompany him to serve his purpose. Arjun is one such BHAKT and the verse indicates that lakhs of years ago when Geeta was imparted to Suryadev Vivaswan for first time, even Arjun was also present there but in some other form (earlier birth). The only difference between Krishna and Arjun is that Krishna remembered this but Arjun could not since he was soul unlike Krishna who was supreme soul (paramtama).

    Sujal, these quotes from Geeta clearly confirm the actual status of Arjun and his relation with Krishna. You need to relook and review your understanding on Nar-Narayan angle to get correct perspective of their relation.

  3. Sujal – But no one could understand the message of Gita and still those virtues or say wrong perceptions prevailed as a result of which we were invaded, conquered and even made slaves by many invaders. Prithviraj Chauhan forgives the invader for 17 times and the 18th time he is defeated. Even British ruled us because we did not lost on bravery but we lost on words which they never kept.
    Its high time we get out of this wrong perceptions of succumbing to acts of unworthy who tries to benefit out of our dharma and virtues. They should be given reply in there own language of deceit. They should be treated with there own medicine.
    Gandhiji can give us freedom but it takes a Sardar Patel to deliver one country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

    Sanjay – You seem to have picked up the context of entire Geeta (tip of ice berg) only in just verses of Chapter 4, wherein Krishna discloses his purpose of taking human birth:

    Verse 7 – Yada, yada hi dharamashay, glaniahrbhawati bharata……
    Verse 8 – Paritranaya Sadhunam, vinashay cha dushkritama…..

    There are other 17 chapters of spiritual information and objectives of human birth which also constitute Geeta. It has chapters especially dedicated to Karmyog, Divya Gyan, Nishkaam Karmyog, Dhyan yog, Bhagwatgyan, Bhagwatprapti, Param Gyan, Bhagwan’a scope & domain (aishwarya), Virat roop, Bhakti yog, Prakariti/Purush/chetna (nature/ultimate doer/supreme consciousness), 3 gunas (Sat, Raj, Tam), Purushotam (highest) yog, Godly / Evil nature, Departments/types of beliefs and in the end final salvation (re-union with God)

    In ridiculing Karna you are portraying Geeta in very narrow and conservative context. It is not your fault also because that is human nature to pick up his part from all scriptures and ignore / miss better and more valuable parts. Another example of how the essence of what is being said gets incorrect picture.

  4. @ Niraj,


    Your statement-“Arjuna sanctioned that weapon as his death warrant and talked about his death” Behold, O Krishna of mighty arms, the prowess of the bhargava weapon! It cannot, by any means, be baffled! will never be able to fly away from Karna in battle! The person that is living, may, in battle, meet with either victory or defeat. To the man, however, that is dead, O Hrishikesha, even death is victory. How can defeat be his that is dead?” HERE ARJUNA SANCTIONS HIS DEATH WARRANT SO STOP BLABBERING NONSENSE SACHIN.”

    My ans- Ha..ha..ha… Niraj, you are crying like a sour loser now…. Nowhere in this passage it is mentioned that Arjun Saying that he will die from Bhargavastra….. Hence your claim-“ARJUNA SANCTIONS BHARGAVASTRA AS HIS DEATH WARRANT” is Fake & hypothetical only…..

    Your statement-“Krishna replied unto that foremost of intelligent men and chastiser of foes, these words that were suitable to the occasion, “The royal son of Kunti hath been deeply wounded and mangled by Karna. Having seen him first and comforted him

    My ans- Very funny…. Niraj is claiming that since he ate Chicken & i ate daal, hence Krishna saved Arjun from Karna’s Bhargavastara on 17th day….!! Ha..ha..ha… Ha..ha..ha… Niraj Keep eating your chicken & keep giving you non-sense claims, because even if you give your non-sense claims 100 times, still it wont prove that Krishna saved arjun from Karna’s Bhargavastra…… You have ran out of EXCUSES… Hence i won this round as well…..

    Your statement-“Karna too faced arjuna so by this logic karna was also not afraid of arjuna and had potential to conquer all his weapons.”

    My ans- Aha… So you accepted your defeat by accepting that Arjun was not afraid of Karna or his Bhargavastra, hence you yourself punctured your rubbish claim of “Krishna saving Arjun from Karna’s Bhargavastara on 17th day”….. Hmmmmmm….. Sweeeet smell of Victory for me….

    Your statement-“Ok Sachin we leave this debate at this stage Arjuna was superior to the support staff of Karna and inferior to Karna happy?”

    My ans- So indirectly you accepted that Karna was inferior to even support staff of Arjun, because Karna could not even scare away the support staff of Arjun…..

    Your statement-“Karnas chariot wheel sinking arjuna getting credit”

    My ans- Yes, the credit goes to Arjun for this, because Arjun had killed all the support staff of Karna or made them run away, hence no backup chariot was left for Karna…. So Karna was left with only one car & hence he was forced to take the wheel out of his car, because he was made helpless by Arjun….. Otherwise Karna would have used his age-old strategy of running away from losing battles & then coming back with fresh arsenal/car… Just like he did against Bhima on 14th day…. But Arjun did not allow Karna to use his coward strategy on 17th day…..

    Your statement-“And we know how the arjuna did it. He killed karna unfairly.”

    My ans- Ha..ha..ha… Niraj, you sour loser opinions wont change the fact that Arjun killed Karna in a fair one-on-one battle….

    Your statement-” those savings were on human level. Karna too has mopped the floor with bhima and satyaki.”

    My ans- So you accepted that Karna would not have been alive till 17th day, had his life not been SPARED by many people….

    Your statement-“No charioteer was capable of saving warrior from divine weapons except Krishna.”

    My ans- Hypothetical claim…..

    Your statement-“Drona continued fighting and even then was hammering the crap out of drishtadyumna after bhima further needled him then dropped his weapons”

    My ans- So you accepted that Drona DID NOT surrender after hearing about Ashwatthama’s death, but he surrendered because he could not coup up with the physical & mental pressure put by Pandavas…. Hence my claims stays that Pandavas & Drishtdyumna were were mentally more stronger to face adverse war situations then Drona…. Hmmmm… I smell the Sweeeet smell of Victory here as well…..
    Must say… You are such a nice blogger Niraj, that you yourself accepts your defeat in arguements without a fuss… Good.. Keep it up….

  5. one things needs to be understood , Arjuna was the incarnation of almighty if indeed than it is the duty of their fans to show him in far more better light. if Arjuna vs Karna is still going on than it is the not fault of Karna’s fans. they are considering the Human aspect of Arjuna. if their fans can prove Arjuna to be in a higher stature than he is now , if they can raise Arjuna stature to an Godly one who will have problem accepting valid reasoning.

    even Shri Parashurama is considered as Holy, Shri Ram is also . Shri Krishna is also adored .

    but why has Arjuna not got that status yet so far . Bhima is considered as God by their followers , but does any Arjuna followers considered Arjuna for that recognition .

    see how people are devoted of Shri Krishna , what about Arjuna where has he fallen behind.

    Lord Shiva before granting the Pasupatastra to Arjuna called said this

    “Mahadeva said, ‘Thou wert in thy former life Nara, the friend of Narayana. In Vadari wert thou engaged in fierce ascetic austerities for several thousands of years. In thee as well as in Vishnu–that first of male beings–dwelleth great might. Ye both, by your might, hold the universe; O lord, taking up that fierce bow whose twang resembled the deep roar of the clouds, thou, as well as Krishna, chastisedest the Danavas during the coronation of Indra,

    but the matter is not sorted out yet,

    Arjuna was beaten black and blue by Lord Shiva,

    Thou art worshipped of all worlds. O lord, I worship thee to obtain thy grace. Let not this rashness of mine be regarded as a fault–this combat in which I was engaged with thee from ignorance. O Sankara, I seek thy protection. Pardon me all I have done.”

    Vaisampayana continued, “Endued with great might, the god whose sign was the bull, taking into his the handsome hands of Arjuna, smilingly replied unto him, saying, ‘I have pardoned thee. And the illustrious Hara, cheerfully clasping Arjuna with his arms, once more consoling Arjuna said as follows.”

    next point ,

    Narayana got the boon from Lord shiva that he in his next life will defeat Lord Shiva , Banashura defeat incident .

    It is Nara and Narayana, endued with omniscience, that destroyeth all creatures. 2 The gods speak of him as Vaikuntha (of immeasurable puissance), while men call him Vishnu (one that pervadeth the Universe)!'”

    LIke Shri Ram Arjuna too prayed to Goddess Durga , but this is not given any importance in our times.

    was there any deliberate effort to demean Arjuna to that of Shri Ram . if not than why Arjuna is not rated as high Shri Ram.


  6. Forget guys who had pasupatastra or not . Arjuna himself whom sujal considered to be the incarnation of almighty said that the war between Karna and Arjuna will be remembered for ever. such war probably was never fought before, and Arjuna was sure of his victory only becs Krishna was in his side .

    biggest compliment given by Incarnation of Almighty .

    next point whoever can give challenge to the incarnation of almighty had to be excellent warrior.

    one more thing why Arjuna never got the status of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna . we definitely are not the first one to read MB . was it becs he was living under Krishna or he had no idea about his origin .